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In this seminar we will present original work in Computational biology as well as progress reports from PhD students. Master students will present their MSc thesis plans and results or report about their ''Fortgeschrittenenpraktikum''. Depending on the length of the talks, we could have two at one given date.

The Journal Club is Mondays from 2 to 4 pm in room T9, SR 053.



Date Speaker Title
17.10.11 Enrico Siragusa Experimental evaluation of different strategies for approximate string matching
24.10.11 Katrin Trappe / Ivan Kel Status of MSc project / Analysis of miRNAs
31.10.11 Felix Heeger Report on Forschungspraktikum
07.11.11 Jochen Singer Report on MSc thesis
14.11.11 Leon Kuchenbecker Identification of CDR3 regions in T-cell receptor beta-chain reads (Fpr)
21.11.11 Björn Kahlert Usability Improvement of SeqAn
28.11.11 no seminar no seminar
05.12.11 Manuel Holtgrewe Insert assembly
Leon Kuchenbecker Report on MSc thesis
12.12.11 Anne-Katrin Emde Small Variant Detection
02.01.12 -  
09.01.12 -  
16.01.12 Xintian You Status on PhD project
Anna Kosenko Report on Forschungspraktikum
23.01.12 Sandro Andreotti tbd.
30.01.12 Alexandra Zerck tbd.
Oliver Stolpe Report on Forschungspraktikum
06.02.12 Stephan Aiche Degradomics
Chris Bielow iTRAQ Quantitation in Predict-IV
13.02.12 Matthew Huska tbd.
Rene Rahn Status of PhD project
05.03.12 David Weese RazerS 3 algorithmic details
Birte Kehr
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