Discrete Biomathematics

Welcome to the Discrete Biomathematics work group!

What is Biomathematics?

Mathematics, by its universal nature, is nowadays intertwined with a wide variety of disciplines, such as physics, economics, social or life sciences. Phrasing a problem in rigorous mathematical terms often allows for a high-level understanding and opens the way for structured analysis. In turn, problems and questions found in applications have the potential to spark profound mathematical questions of interest. Within this group we are interested in modeling and analysis approaches for biological regulatory networks using discrete methods and the mathematical questions motivated by the applications. For more information, see Research and Projects.

Past workshop

The workshop "Recognizing the relevance of change: Analysis and control of time-evolving networks in epidemiology and evolutionary medicine", organised by Heike Siebert, Nataša Conrad, Max von Kleist and Christof Schütte, took place at the FU on July 20-22, 2015 (Poster).