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Master Computer Science

For further information about the master's program please also read the German page.

The Master in Computer Science has been designed to provide the foundation for a professional career in the computer-based industry, as well as for further research and development in the field of informatics. The degree qualifies for taking up doctoral studies in the field of Computer Science.

The prerequisite for the Master in Computer Science is the bachelor degree. The Accreditation Agency for Degree Programmes in Engineering, Informatics/Computer Science, the Natural Sciences and Mathematics (ASIIN) has accredited the Master in Computer Science so that the international recognition of achievements and exams is facilitated.

Language requirements

Usually, lectures are given in German, English is the exception. The course language is specified in the course catalog in the course descriptions under the term "Unterrichtssprache/Course language".

Application & Transition Regulations

Application deadlines:
for winter semester May 31st -- for summer semester January 15th.

Course of Studies & Regulations (since winter semester 2014/15)

The standard duration of study is four semesters.

The master's program Computer Science consists of modules totalling 90 credits (= "Leistungspunkte", LP), divided into the following categories:

  1. Computer Science, 70-80 LP, divided into three fields of study:
    1. Practical informatics (at least 20 LP, as specialization at least 40 LP),
    2. Technical informatics (at least 10 LP, as specialization at least 30 LP),
    3. Theoretical informatics (at least 10 LP, as specialization at least 30 LP).
    One of the fields has to be chosen as specialization and enhanced by at least 20 LP.
  2. Field of application ("Ancillary subject", at least 10 LP, at maximum 20 LP).

All three fields of study in Computer Science offer each two modules Scientific Work consisting of seminars to each 5 LP and two Software-Projects to each 10 LP, that differ in their emphasis of qualification objectives and their suffix (A or B). The exact same module can only be attended once. These modules will not be graded, except for Software-Projects A.

There are no obligatory modules.

Further conditions:

Modules Scientific Work: At least one in the field of specialization. In total at least 2, at maximum 4.

Modules Software-Projects: At least one, at maximum two.

Ungraded modules have to amount to 25-30 LP (§7, Abs. 10).

Bachelor's program modules can only be included up to an extend of 15 LP (§7, Abs. 9). 

Final Thesis

After having achieved at least 60 LP the final thesis is written and presented (23 weeks for written part, 30 LP).

Registration for master's program Computer Science with bachelor's degree Mathematics

To easily registrate for the Computer Science master with a bachelor's degree in Mathematics it is recommended including the following Computer Science modules into the bachelor's program:

8 Computer Science B
7 Database Systems
10 Software Technology
9-10 10 LP for Computer Architecture, Operation and Communication Systems
  OR: 9 LP for Non-sequential and Distributed Programming
5-10 10 LP for Software-Project
  OR: 8 LP for Computer Science A
  OR: 9 LP for Non-sequential and Distributed Programming (if not already chosen above)
  OR: 10 LP for Computer Architecture, Operation and Communication Systems (if not already chosen above)
  OR: 5 LP for The Impact of Computer Science
39-45 LP TOTAL

Start of the Semester

Registration to courses
  1. The registration for every chosen course has to be done using the course catalog (KVV). It contains all information regarding excercise groups, rooms/lecture halls and course times and helps with resource management and attendence lists. You can log in using your personal ZEDAT-account.

  2. In addition, students need to registrate in Campus Management for every chosen module and course. It is necessary for documentation of study achievements and examination results. The provided information about excercise groups, rooms and times may not be complete or correct. When in doubt, please first consult the course catalog (KVV) and, if necessary, contact the lecturer.

An introductory event is held on the first Monday after the semester has started. It takes place 9:15 - 11:00 a.m. at the auditorium, Takustr. 9.

Previous Study and Examination Regulations (before WS 2014/2015)

For information about the master's program following previous regulations please visit the previous version for Master Computer Science.

Change to new Study and Examination Regulations

Please note: Since winter semester 2014/15 new study and examination regulations are effective and are valid for students starting the master's program in winter semester 2014/15 or later.

A change to the new study and examination regulations is recommended to students that have started their master's program before winter semester 2014/15. The change can be requested at the examination office using the following form.

With a change to the new regulations all study units and examination achievements will be credited. The conversion of achievements is based on a conversion table, decided on by the examination committee and faculty council.