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Bachelor Computer Science


For general information (in German) see: Informatik Mono-Bachelor.

Language Requirements

Usually, lectures are given in German, English is the exception. The course language is specified in the course catalog in the course descriptions under the term "Unterrichtssprache/Course language".

Application & Registration

It is recommended to start the bachelor's program in winter semesters. Currently, it is not possible to start the bachelor's program Computer Science in summer semesters.

Further information about application for undergraduate programs (Bachelor, Staatsexamen)

Please note: online application forms are only available during application periods.

Course of Studies & Study and Examination Regulations

The bachelor's program Computer Science follows either of the two plans:

a) Study Plan for students starting in winter semesters

b) Study Plan for students starting in summer semesters

Since winter semester 2014/15, the Computer Science bachelor adopted new study and examination regulations. They are valid for students starting the program in winter semester 2014/15 or later.

Change of Study and Examination Regulations

A change to the new study and examination regulations is recommended to students that have started their bachelor's program before winter semester 2014/15. The change can be requested at the examination office using the following form.

With a change to the new regulations all study units and examination achievements will be credited. The conversion of achievements is based on a conversion table decided on by the examination committee and faculty council.

Previous Study and Examination Regulations

For students that have started their bachelor's program before winter semester 2014/15 and do not want to change to the new regulations:

Start of study

There will be an introductory event on the first day of lecture period at 9:15 a.m. at the auditorium, Takustr. 9.