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Best Paper and Best Community Award at ACM CoNEXT 2022

Two independent committees awarded our paper "On the Interplay between TLS Certificates and QUIC Performance" the ACM CoNEXT 2022 Best Paper Award and Best Community Award. ACM CoNEXT is a major forum for presentations and discussions of novel networking technologies that will shape the future of Internetworking, sponsored by ACM SIGCOMM.

News from Dec 06, 2022

Great work Marcin, Pouyan, Raphael, and Jonas!

The committee of the Best Paper Award wrote:

"The panel was impressed by the intriguing security and performance problem identified in this paper about transmitting TLS certificates during the QUIC handshake. The panel believes that this work opens several new directions that will be explored in the future related to denial-of-services attacks and it will spur extensive discussion among academics, industry, and standardisation bodies."

The committee of the Best Community Award wrote:

"The committee was excited about the vision of this paper and its contributions to identifying performance and security issues with QUIC. This work contributes to the wider discussion on transport-layer design. We think that the insights gleaned in the paper, and the recommendations made, will be an invaluable contribution to the community."

6 / 100