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ACM IMC 2018

Oct 31, 2018 - Nov 02, 2018

Our paper on Certificate Transparency will be presented at ACM IMC 2018, the flagship conference on Internet measurements.

  • The Rise of Certificate Transparency and Its Implications on the Internet Ecosystem
    Quirin Scheitle, Oliver Gasser (Technical University of Munich (TUM)); Theodor Nolte (HAW Hamburg); Johanna Amann (International Computer Science Institute); Lexi Brent (University of Sydney); Georg Carle (Technical University of Munich (TUM)); Ralph Holz (University of Sydney); Thomas C. Schmidt (HAW Hamburg); Matthias Wählisch (FU Berlin)

The Internet Measurement Conference (IMC) is a highly selective venue for the presentation of measurement-based research in data communications. The focus of IMC 2018 will be on research that improves the practice of network measurement, illuminates some facet of an operational network, or both. We encourage authors to discuss the implications of their results to future research and/or to operations. We also encourage authors to discuss representativeness and limitations of their work due to coverage of their measurements across space and time.

Time & Location

Oct 31, 2018 - Nov 02, 2018

Boston, USA