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Our mission is to advance distributed and networked systems that positively impact the lives of people. The Internet is particularly important to us because the Internet is the largest distributed, networked system that is currently deployed. We want to keep the Internet, its services, and applications open but secure, convinced that the Internet should be accessible to everyone. To achieve our mission, we strive for first-class research that influences science and practice. We introduce crazy new ideas, revisit prior work, and talk to those who deploy. We are committed to education that lasts and are dedicated to research questions that matter.

Our research and teaching focus on efficient, reliable, and secure Internet communication. We work on the design and evaluation of networking protocols and architectures as well as Internet measurements and analysis. Our efforts are driven by the goal to improve Internet-based communication based on sound research. Some of our research results escaped from the lab and are now used in practice.

Current topics include but are not limited to:

  • Internet security
  • Internet Measurements
  • Information-centric Networking
  • Internet of Things