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Proseminar: Interactive Intelligent Systems


InstructorProf. Dr. Claudia Müller-Birn
RoomTakustr. 9 051
StartOct 14, 2019 | 10:00 AM
endFeb 10, 2020 | 12:00 PM

Monday 10 AM - 12 AM


Interactive intelligent systems use Artificial Intelligence technologies (e.g., from natural language processing) for building so-called intelligent systems with which people can interact to enhance or extend machine's capabilities (e.g., classifying images manually).

This semester we will deal with the topic "Interactive Recommender Systems". Interactive Recommender Systems extend the traditional approach of Recommender Systems in the field of Human-Computer Interaction with the realization of a dialogical interaction in which textual or visual explanations are given to the system-generated recommendations. The interaction with or the adaptation of the given recommendations take place through feedback to initiate such "dialogue". Explanations are generated, and feedback is stored using a user model for which different approaches (e.g., feature-based models) exist. Interactive Recommender Systems enable a better understanding of the relationship between the input of the system, i.e., the individual preferences and the recommendations given, allowing people to interact predictably and effectively.

In this proseminar, you will get an introduction to the topic Recommender Systems, with an emphasis on the interaction perspective, to contextualize these Intelligent Systems in the field of human-computer interaction. First, an introduction to Recommender Systems will be given. Building on this, we will open up existing approaches, methods, and implementations in the form of presentations. Each participant is expected to independently prepare, present, and discuss their presentation with the class. Based on the results of the discussion, a written summary elaboration needs to be carried out.


  topic talk date name outline date report date
1 Supporting Bias through Recommender UI Design 09.12.2019 Jannis Hamann 25.11.2019 13.01.2020
2 User Preferences in Preference Elicitation 09.12.2019 Daniia Vergazova 25.11.2019 13.01.2020
3 Analytic Hierarchy Process for Preference Elicitation 16.12.2019 Christian Schult 02.12.2019 20.01.2020
4 Compound Critique Generation 16.12.2019 Viktoria Andres 02.12.2019 20.01.2020
5 Explanations in Recommender Systems 06.01.2020 Philip Wälde 09.12.2019 27.01.2020
6 Explanations in Conversational RS/Compound Critique 06.01.2020 Björn Benedict Heyder 09.12.2019 27.01.2020
7 Interactive Explanations 13.01.2020 Martin Dreher 16.12.2019 03.02.2020
8 Visualization Interface for Recommendations 13.01.2020 Joel Heuer 16.12.2019 03.02.2020
9 2/3D representation of recommendations/preference elicitation 20.01.2020 Stefanie Bosch 06.01.2019 10.02.2020
10 Dynamically adjusted recommendations 20.01.2020 Justus Richard Tartz 06.01.2019 10.02.2020
11 Choosing Recommendation Algorithm 27.01.2020 Laila Melis Atarim 13.01.2020 17.02.2020
12 User Control in Recommendations 27.01.2020 Laura Pysz 13.01.2020 17.02.2020
13 Proactive Visualizations 03.02.2020 Philip Thiele 20.01.2020 24.02.2020
14 Personalized Explanations in Recommender System 03.02.2020   David Bauer 20.01.2020 24.02.2020


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