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PD Dr.-Ing. habil Gerhard Wunder


Department of Mathematics and Computer Science

Institute for Computer Science

Heisenberg Communications and Information Theory Group

Head of the Group

Takustr. 9
Room 109
14195 Berlin
+49 30 838 75212
g.wunder [at] fu-berlin.de

Gerhard Wunder (IEEE Senior Member, Editor IEEE Trans. Wireless Commun.) studied electrical engineering at the University of Hannover, Germany, and the Technical University (TU) Berlin, Germany, and received his graduate degree in electrical engineering (Dipl.-Ing.) with highest honors in 1999. He received the PhD degree (Dr.-Ing.) in communication engineering on the peak-to-average power ratio (PAPR) problem in OFDM with distinction (summa cum laude) in 2003 from TU Berlin and became a research group leader at the Fraunhofer Heinrich-Hertz-Institut in Berlin. In 2007, he also received the habilitation degree (venia legendi) and became a Privatdozent (Associate Professor) at the TU Berlin in the field of detection/estimation theory, stochastic processes and information theory. Very recently, he has become Heisenberg Fellow, granted for the first time to a communication engineer, and heads now the Heisenberg Communications and Information Theory Group at the FU Berlin.

Dr. Wunder is a recipient of research fellowships from the German national research foundation (DFG). He also receives currently funding in the DFG priority programs SPP 1397 COIN (Communications in Interference Limited Networks), the SPP 1798 CoSIP (Compressed Sensing in Information Processing), and the upcoming SPP 1914 Cyber-Physical Networking. In 2000 and 2005, he was a visiting professor at the Georgia Institute of Technology (Prof. Jayant) in Atlanta (USA, GA), and the Stanford University (Prof. Paulraj) in Palo Alto/USA (CA). In 2009 he was a consultant at Alcatel-Lucent Bell Labs (USA, NJ), both in Murray Hill (Prof. S. Stolyar) and Crawford Hill (R. Valenzuela). He was a general co-chair of the 2009 International ITG Workshop on Smart Antennas (WSA 2009) and a lead guest editor in 2011 for a special issue of the Journal of Advances on Signal Processing regarding the PAPR problem of the European Association for Signal Processing. Since 2011, he is also an editor for the IEEE Transactions on Wireless Communications (TWireless) in the area of Wireless Communications Theory and Systems (WCTS)

Dr. Wunder is coordinator and principal investigator both in the FP7 Call 8 project 5GNOW (www.5gnow.eu) supported by the European Commission and PROPHYLAXE (www.ict- prophylaxe.de) the largest IoT physical layer security project supported by the German Ministry of Education and Research, as well as a member of the project management team of FANTASTIC-5G (www.fantastic5g.eu). In 2011 Dr. Wunder received the 2011 award for outstanding scientific publication in the field of communication engineering by the German communication engineering society (ITG Award 2011), and the Heisenberg Fellowship in 2014. He is the author of three recent articles in the IEEE Signal Processing Magazine, on the PAPR problem (Dec. 2013), the IEEE Communication Magazine, 5G Special Issue (Feb. 2014), and in IEEE ACCESS on Compressed Sensing for 5G (Dec. 2015).

Awards and Honour:

  • 2015     Heisenberg Fellowship of German Science Foundations (DFG)The most prestigious German fellowship (established 1977), awarded for the first time ever to an communication engineer.
  • 2014     IEEE Communications Society Award for distinguished service as Tutorials and Workshop Chair
  • 2011     National award for outstanding scientific publication in the field of communication engineering by the German communication engineering society (ITG Award 2011):J. Bühler and G. Wunder, Traffic-Aware Optimization of Heterogeneous Access Management, IEEE Transactions on Communications, June 2010, vol. 58, no. 6
  • 2003     Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering with Summa Cum Laude
  • 1999     Electrical Engineering Diploma with highest honors from TU Berlin


  • IEEE Transactions on Wireless Communications, Member of the Executive Editorial Committee
  • IEEE German Section, Senior Member
  • VDE Informationstechnische Gesellschaft


  • Non-orthogonal, Asynchronous Waveforms for Future 5G Mobile Communications

GLOBECOM, May 6-10 2015, San Diego USA, http://globecom2015.ieee- globecom.org/program/industry-program/tutorials

  • NEWCOM# Spring School Lectures, May 21-23 2014, SUPELEC, Campus of Rennes-France, http://www.newcom-project.eu/images/info/flyer_v6.pdf 
  • Energy Efficiency and Peak Power Control in Multicarrier Communications with Holger Boche (Technische Universität München, Germany), Simon Litsyn, (Tel Aviv University, Israel), 2011-2012

Conference (Co-) Chair:

  • GLOBEBOM 2016, Co-chair of the 2ed “International Workshop on 5G RAN Design” 5G-PPP Joint Workshop (FANTASTIC-5G, METIS II, mmMAGIC, 5GxCrosshaul, Flex5Gware), Washington (USA), Dec. 2016, http://www.5g-ran-design.org/gc16
  • EuCNC 2016, Co-chair of the Joint 5GPPP Workshop on 5G Physical Layer Design and Hardware Aspects Below and Above 6 GHz, Athens (Greece), June 2016, http://www.eucnc.eu/?q=node/72
  • ICC 2016, Co-chair of the 1st “International Workshop on 5G RAN Design” 5G-PPP Joint Workshop (FANTASTIC-5G, METIS II, mmMAGIC, 5GNORMA), Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia), May 2016, http://www.5g-ran-design.org/icc16/  
  • IEEE VTC Spring 2016, Co-Chair of the 2ed Workshop on “5G New Air Interface”, Nanjing (China), 2015, http://workshop2016.fantastic5g.com/ (upcoming)
  • Asilomar 2015, Chair of 1st FANTASTIC-5G session on 5G Massive MTC, Pacific Grove, California (USA)
  • IEEE CTW 2015, Co-Chairing (with Prof. Gerhard Fettweis) the 5G session, Dana Point, California (USA), http://www.ieee-ctw.org/2015/ (upcoming)
  • ISWCS 2015, Co-chairing (with S. Schwarz, M. Simsek) Special Session on System-level modelling and Abstraction for 5G Wireless Communications, Brussels (Belgium), http://www.iswcs2015.org/index.php/authors/special-sessions
  • IEEE VTC Spring 2015, Co-Chair of the 1st Workshop on “5G New Air Interface”, Glasgow (UK), http://workshop2015.fantastic5g.com/
  • IEEE GLOBEOM 2014, General Tutorial and Workshop Chair, IFE Track, Austin, Texas (USA), December 2014 (awarded for the distinguished service and audience recognition)
  • IEEE GLOBEOM 2014, Co-Chair “Workshop 5G New Air Interfaces”, Austin, Texas (USA), Dec. 2014, http://5gworkshop.hhi.fraunhofer.de/
  • IEEE GLOBEOM 2014, Co-Chair “International Workshop on the Internet of Things”, Austin, Texas (USA), December 2014, http://www.iots- workshop.com
  • European Commission EuCNC 2014, Co-Chair “5G Workshop” (together with METIS), June 2014, Bologna (Italy)
  • IEEE ISWCS 2014, Co-Chair “Workshop Advanced Multi-Carrier Techniques for Next Generation Commercial and Professional Mobile Systems”, August 2014, Barcelona (Spain)
  • IEEE Vehicular Technology Conference (VTC) 2013 Spring, Special Sessions Chair (5G Non-Orthogonal Modulation), June 2013, Dresden, Germany
  • International ITG Workshop on Smart Antennas (WSA), Technical Program Co-Chair, March 2009, Berlin (Germany), http://www.mk.tu- berlin.de/wsa2009

TPC (2012-xx)

2017 only:


2016 only:

GlobalSIP WS Massive MIMO, IEEE APCC. IEEE COMNETSAT, INFOCOM 2016 5G & Beyond Workshop, GLOBECOM (WCS) 2016, CROWNCOM 2016, PIMRC 2016, ISWCS 2016, ETSI Workshop ‘New Air Interfaces’, IEEE VTC Multiple Antenna Systems and Cooperative Communications, IEEE VTC TPC Signal Transmission and Reception, IEEE ICC16-Workshops-5G, ICC16-Workshops-MASSAP, IEEE ICC TPC WCS, IEEE ICC TPC CTS, PESARO’16, WSA’16

ICCVE 2015, IEEE PIMRC 2015 Fundamentals and PHY, IEEE Globecom 2015 WC Symposium, IEEE GC'15 - Workshop - 5G & Beyond, EuCNC 2015 TPC Track 1, IEEE ISWCS 2015 TPC Track 1, IEEE VTC Spring 2015 TPV MIMO Track, IEEE VTC Spring 2015 TPC CT Track, IEEE VTC Spring 2015 TPC Workshop MWC2020, PESARO 2015, IEEE ICC TPC WC 2015, IEEE ICC WS 5G Enabler 2015, IEEE ICC CTS 2015, ITG/IEEE WSA 2015


IEEE ICCVE 2014, IEEE ISWCS 2014, IEEE PIMRC PHY Track 2014, IEEE ICCVE 2014, EuCNC 2014, IEEE Globecom 2014, IEEE VTC CT Track 2014, IEEE VTC MIMO Track 2014, IEEE VTC MWC2020 WS 2014, IEEE ICC WCS 2014, IEEE ICC WS ULE2E 2014, IEEE ICC WS 5G 2014, PESEARO 2014, ITG/IEEE WSA 2014, IEEE ICCVE 2013, IEEE Globecom 2013, IEEE PIMRC 2013, EC Future Network & Mobile Summit 2013, IEEE VTC 2013 Spring, ITG/IEEE WSA 2013, ISWCS 2013, ISSSE 2012, Valuetools 2012, ITG/IEEE WSA 2012


  • ISTC’16, 5G for the Internet of Things, Brest (France), September 5-9 2016, key note (upcoming) 
  • ITWIST’16, Sparse Signal Processing Concepts for 5G, Aalborg (Denmark), August 24-26 2016, key note (upcoming) 
  • ETSI Summit dedicated to the topic of 5G: From Myth to Reality, taking place, on 21 April 2016 at the ETSI premises in Sophia Antipolis (France), FANTASTIC-5G presentation (upcoming) 
  • GLOBECOM’15, Workshop 5G & Beyond, December 2015, San Diego (USA), http://www.ctr.kcl.ac.uk/5G2015/, invited panel talk 
  • DySPAN’15, Spectrum crunch below 6GHz? 5G research trends in Europe, September 2015, London (UK), http://dyspan2015.ieee-dyspan.org/content/panels, invited panel talk 
  • Nokia Bell Labs, Scalable Random Access Using Waveform Design and Compressed Sensing for Massive MTC, July 2015, Stuttgart (Germany), invited key note 
  • ICC’15, Workshop on Massive Machine-Type Communication, June 2015, London (UK), invited key note, http://www.massap.org/ 
  • Transport Networks for Mobile Operators RAN & Backhaul Networks 2015 conference running the 20-21st of May 2015, Hotel Palace Berlin, invited talk on 5G 
  • Mobile World Congress, representing 5GNOW in the European Commission Booth in the presence of the Commissioner Günther Oettinger (DG Connect) and Vice President of the European Commission Andrus Ansip, http://5gnow.eu, March 3rd 
  • Jahreskonferenz Next Generation ID, Schutz der Industrie – IT-Sicherheit im Internet der Dinge jenseits von Kryptografie, , http://www.ng-identity.de/web/guest/links Berlin, 11. November 2014, invited talk 
  • Workshop „Sichere Identitäten“ organisiert vom SIDBB, PROPHYLAXE: Providing PHY-Layer Security for the Internet of Things, Berlin 28. Februar 2014, invited talk 
  • RAN World 2015, ICT Industry Stakeholder Forum, being held 20-21th January in Düsseldorf, invited talk and panel discussion in the 5G session, www.ranworldevent.com 
  • GLOBECOM 2014, Workshop 5G New Air Interfaces and Tutorial, December 2014, Austin, USA, IF&E Forum, initiator and key note, http://5gworkshop.hhi.fraunhofer.de/ 
  • GLOBECOM 2014, International Workshop on the Internet of Things, December 2014, Austin, USA, IF&E Forum, initiator and key note, http://www.iots-workshop.com 
  • 7th GMV Forum & Exhibition, International ICT Industry Stakeholder Forum and Industry exposition, 09.17(Wed) - 19(Fri) in Kintex, Seoul, Korea [GMV Forum on 09.17(Wed) only], invited forum expert & talk for Tactile Internet in the Session of 5G Technologies, http://www.gmv.or.kr/kor/main.asp 
  • European Commission EuCNC Workshop, RAS Workshop in the European Conference on Networks and Communications, June 2014, Bologna (Italy), invited talk 
  • European Commission EuCNC Workshop, 5G Workshop in European Conference on Networks and Communications (together with METIS), June 2014, Bologna (Italy), invited talk 
  • CommNet 2014, 5G Workshop, Royal Academy of Engineering, Carlton House Terrace, March 2014, London (UK) http://www.commnet.ac.uk/node/65, invited talk 
  • FIA 2014, 5G Workshop in Future Internet Assembly, March 2014, Athens (Greece), invited talk 
  • COST IC2004 Newsletter, 5GNOW Virtual Interview with Prof. Alain Sibille, April 2014, virtual interview
  • COST Meeting, 5GNOW Presentation, Ferrara (Italy), February 2014, invited talk 
  • International Conference on Pervasive Computing and Applications, to be held in Chile between 5th and 7th of December 2013, invited by Bo Hu, Fujitsu Laboratories of Europe Limited (FLE), keynote talk 
  • Total Telecom 5G World 2013–The Future of Mobile, 3rd Dec.,2013, London (UK), keynote guest speaker
  • ASILOMAR Conference 2013, System-level interfaces and performance evaluation methodology for 5G physical layer based on non-orthogonal waveforms, 3rd-6th Nov. 2013 (upcoming event), Pacific Grove, USA (CA) http://asilomarssc.org/, invited paper & talk 
  • Fraunhofer-Symposium »Netzwert« 2013, PROPHYLAXE–Efficient Key Management for Enhanced Security in the Internet of Things, 4th Dec. 2013, Munich, invited talk 
  • FuNEMS Workshop: Research Challenges for Communications in 2020, in EC Future Network and Mobile Summit Workshop (together with METIS), 3rd July 2013, Lissabon (Portugal), http://www.futurenetworksummit.eu/2013/, invited talk & panelist 
  • VTC Spring Workshop: Mobile and Wireless Communication Systems for 2020 and beyond, in Vehicular Technology Conference (VTC) 2013 Spring, 2nd June 2013, Dresden (Germany), http://mwc2020.verkstad.net/?page_id=481, invited talk & panelist 
  • WInnComm 5G Panel, in European Conference on Communication Technologies and Software Defined Radio, Munich, 13th June 2013, http://groups.winnforum.org/Europe_2013_Agenda, invited talk & panelist 
  • Wireless World Research Forum (WWRF), 30th Meeting, 23th April 2013, Oulu (Finland), http://www.wwrf30.ch, invited talk 
  • European Commission 5G Panel, in EC Concertation RAS cluster meeting, 28th Feb., Brussels (Belgium), https://ec.europa.eu/digital-agenda/en/future-networks-concertation-meetings, invited talk & panelist 
  • BITKOM Workshop Smart Radio: Auf dem Weg zu einer drahtlosen Welt?, in BITKOM Akademie Workshop über die Zukunft der Funktechnologien, 16. April 2013, Cologne, invited talk 
  • ICC 2012 Workshop: How to adopt Mobile Data growth in 2020?, in Workshop on Advances in Mobile Networking, IEEE International Conference on Communications (ICC), June 2012, Ottawa (Canada), organized by DoCoMo EuroLabs Munich, Dr. Hendrik Berndt, invited talk & panelist

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