Inviting Guests

If you would like to invite guests whose expenses you’d like to be reimbursed via us, please take note of our standard procedure:


1. Please talk to your supervisor before inviting guest and please find out whether sufficient funds are available and also which funds are to be used.

2. We draw up a guest contract. For that, we need the following information of your guest:

  • Name, title
  • Private address
  • Home university
  • (tentative) title of the talk / reason for the visit
  • Date of arrival and departure
  • Bank account information: IBAN and BIC, or respective information (e.g. ABA routing number and SWIFT for USA)

If you’re already in contact with the guest, it’s usually easiest if you collect this information yourself and forward it to us. Otherwise, please talk to your secretary’s office.

3. The guest contract is signed by the guest during their visit, and also by you as the guest advisor (where it says “Antragssteller”)

4. After the visit, the guest hands in receipts showing their expenses.

5. We check the receipts and take care of the reimbursement.