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Dean's Office

Deanship (Dekanat):

The Deanship is elected by the Department Council (Fachsbereichsrat) and, in our department, consists of the dean (Dekan), a “Prodekan”, a “Studiendekan” and the departmental head of administration. The dean and at least one of the “Prodekane” must be professors.

The Deanship has roughly the following functions:

  • It ensures that teaching and examinations are carried out properly and deals with personnel and departmental matters.
  • It is responsible for the budget draft and the implementation and annulment of departmental organizations and suborganizations.
  • It can make decisions on behalf of the “Fachbereichsrat” on matters that require immediate action or decision.
  • Further, it has the right to speak, request information and to make proposals at meetings of other departmental boards/committees.

For more information please check our German pages.