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Winter Semester 2019/20: New study and examination regulations come into force!

The Bioinformatics Joint Commission has issued new study and examination regulations for the masters programme in Bioinformatics on 23.09.2019.

UPDATE: The new study regulations have been published! Unfortunately, only the German version is available at the moment. An English translation is in preparation.

Students starting their master studies in WS 2019/20 will be studying according to the new regulations from the beginning.

Students who started their studies earlier will continue their studies, following the old version of the regulations.

Other current information

Practical Modules (5 credits)

  • Current Issues in Cell Physiology (60100613; block course during term break)
  • Computer-Aided Drug Design (60101813; block course during term break)
  • Environmental Metagenomics (23780; block course during term break: 06.-16.8. and 7.-11.10. 2019)
    Please note: The course starts on 6 August ! Contact: Camila Mazzoni

  • Current Issues in Structural Bioinformatics (60101113; block course during term break)

Core Modules (10 credits) are offered only in summer semesters!

Research Modules (20 credits):

Research modules consist of research-oriented courses, which students can choose freely. All courses offered match both research module A and research module B. Further Information about Research Modules

Seminars (5 credits):

  • Pathophysiology (60101311)
  • Journal Club Computational Biology (19402911)
  • Open science, data handling and ethical aspects in bioinformatics (19404611)
  • Principles of gene regulation (60102211)
  • Evolutionary Bioinformatics and Next-Generation Sequencing Applications (23781)

Lectures with exercises (5 credits):

  • Metabolic Networks (19401801/02)
  • Methods for clinical trials (60102001/02)
  • Resampling techniques and their application (60102501/02)

Seminar, Lecture with exercises (10 credits)

  • Methods for Investigating the RNA structuromeand RNA-RNA interactome (216221a/b/c; block course during term break)

Additionally, the following courses can be used for the research module:

If you wish to take part in one or more of these modules, please contact the teacher directly. The certification will be effected by the examination office (Prüfungsbüro).

Please note:
  • For more detailed information about the current courses: see course catalog!
  • More information about the module structure can be found here.
  • The official registration period for all courses in Campus Management is October 1 - November 1, 2019.
  • Most courses also require a registration in Whiteboard. - Guide to register in a course in the Whiteboard System
  • The language of instruction in all master’s courses may be German or English. If international students without sufficient knowledge of German participate in a course, the language of instruction is always English.
  • If you have any general questions concerning the stucture or organization of the program please contact the course coordinator or the examination office.