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Hier finden Sie weitere Informationen und Ergänzungen zum Artikel Drucken unter Linux zum Thema Kommandozeilenoptionen unter Linux.

Druckjob abbrechen

Eigene Druckjobs abgebrechen (nur eigene Druckjobs können abgebrochen werden):
# lprm

Default Druckoptionen ändern

Druckjobspezifische Optionen setzen:
# lpr -P printer -o option1=value -o option2=value filename

A user can define his own options for all his print jobs for a specific printer. They are saved in the ~/.cups/lpoptions file and override the default options that have been defined by the system administrator for this specific CUPS printer. Add or modify print options

A user can set his own default options for a specific CUPS printer by issuing the command:
# lpoptions -p printer -o option1=value -o option2=value Remove print options

Previously defined print options can be removed from ~/.lpoptions by:
# lpoptions -p printer -r option1 -r option2 List a printer’s options

To list print queue’s current options:
# lpoptions -p printer

To list print queue’s current options:
# lpoptions -p printer -l Create sets of options - Printer Instances

A very useful CUPS feature is that sets of options can be defined. These can be system-wide if they are set by root, or user specific if they are set by a user. Printer instances are extra options for a specific printer that are saved as an extra printer in the form printer/set. This virtual printer’s settings override the default options.

To create a printer instance, as a user issue the command:
# lpoptions -p printer/set1 -o option1=value -o option2=value

To delete a printer instance issue the command:
# lpoptions -x printer/set1

The printer instance is listed as a printer in lpstat. The user can send a document to the printer instance:
# lpr -P printer/set1 filename

Weiteres mit man lpoptions

Allgemeine Druckoptionen

Some common print options are listed below. If an option accepts a value, then it is listed in the form option=value:
landscape - for landscape printing
media=A4 - check your ppd file for possible media values
Collate=true | false - useful when printing multiple copies
sides=one-sided - um einseitig zu drucken
sides=two-sided-short-edge - used for landscape prints
sides=two-sided-long-edge - used for portrait prints [the default is sides=one-sided]
page-ranges=1-4,7,9-12 - print specific pages or page ranges
page-set=odd | even - print only odd or even pages
outputorder=normal | reverse - the pages are printed from first to last or the other way around
cpi=10 - characters per inch
lpi=6 - lines per inch
columns=2 - format the text in two or more columns
page-left=value - specify the left margin in points [1pt = 1/72inch]
page-right=value - specify the right margin in points [1pt = 1/72inch]
page-top=value - specify the top margin in points [1pt = 1/72inch]
page-bottom=value - specify the bottom margin in points [1pt = 1/72inch]
job-sheets=none - front and back cover pages

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