HOWTO get access to the BeGenDiv FTP server.

Get an account

Ask a BeGenDiv member to create an FTP user account for you.

Connect to FTP server

Using FileZilla Client

FileZilla is an easy-to-use FTP client available for Linux, Max and Windows.

  1. After launching FileZilla, open the "Site Manager":
  2. Create a new connection for the BeGenDiv FTP server:
    Enter the following connection parameters as shown above:
    Host: ftp.begendiv.imp.fu-berlin.de
    Port: 990 (important!)
    Logon Type: normal
    User: Your provided username
    Password: Your provided password
  3. Hit "Connect"

Using the command line

On a Linux system, it is best to use the lftp client if available:
harrem@harrem:~$ lftp -p 990 -u digga ftp.begendiv.imp.fu-berlin.de
lftp digga@ftp.begendiv.imp.fu-berlin.de:~> ls
-rw-r--r--   1 191245   10252    42365484 Nov 12 11:12 combined_reads.noN.fasta
-rw-rw-r--   1 digga    10252         269 Aug  7 15:56 hosts
lftp digga@ftp.begendiv.imp.fu-berlin.de:~> get combined_reads.noN.fasta
42365484 bytes transferred in 21 seconds (1.95M/s)                             
lftp digga@ftp.begendiv.imp.fu-berlin.de:~> 
You can use standard commands like ls or cd to navigate the FTP folders. Use get to download files/folders and put for upload. Other commands are explained in the lftp manpages.

Using a Web Browser to Download

Any web browser capable of working with the ftp protocol can be used to directly download data from the ftp server. After opening the link ftp://ftp.begendiv.imp.fu-berlin.de:990/ your web browser should ask you for user name and password and you should be able to browse the ftp server.



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