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Which other courses may I chose as an Incoming?

For BSc students: General professional skills courses (ABV)

These couses (marked as ABV in the course catalog) may provide you with interdisciplinary skills in different areas to improve your career prospects: information and media, gender and diversity, organization and management, communication, sustainable development or subject-related additional qualifications.

Courses for International Exchange Students: “Berlin and Germany in a European Perspective"

As an exchange student may sign up for special courses on “Berlin and Germany in a European Perspective". The different modules cover key aspects of German history, culture or society and help you acquire useful skills for a German academic environment. They give 5 ECTS each.

  • Orientation in Berlin and Germany (GER)
  • Central Aspects of German and European Society and Culture (GER)
  • Key Issues of German and European Culture (GER)
  • Film, Art and Literature in a Social and Cultural Context (GER)
  • Aspects of German and European Culture (ENG)
  • German and European Politics (ENG)
  • German Media – Media in Germany (ENG)
  • German History in a European Context (ENG)
  • Economy and Economics in Germany and Europe (ENG)

German Language Courses

The FU Language Centre offers German language courses prior to and during the semester:

  • the six-week intensive pre-semester courses may be booked for a reduced participation fee by exchange students
  • courses during the semester range from 4–8 hours per week and are free of charge