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Research Seminar Arithmetic and Topology

Winter Term 2016/17

Prof. Dr. Holger Reich

  • Time and place:  see individual talks 


 27.10.  at  10:15h,  room 009,  A6  
   Iterated Hochschild homology and red-shift  Christian Ausoni
 21.11.  at  10:15h,  room 140,  A7 (rear building)  
  Real algebraic K-theory and trace maps  Kristian Moi
 28.11.  at  10:15h,  room 140,  A7 (rear building)  
  The equivariant derivative of real algebraic
 Emanuele Dotto
 28.11.  at  12:15h,  room 140,  A7 (rear building)  

On stable homology of automorphism groups of free groups with polynomial coefficients  Aurélien Djament
 01.12.  at  14:15h,  room 032,  A6  
  Topological Hochschild homology  Lars Hesselholt
 13.12.  at  14:15h,  room 130,  A3 (rear building)  
  The homotopy theory of Segal cyclic operads  Philip Hackney