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Forschungsseminar Outer space and QFT

Winter Term 2015/2016

Dr. Daniela Egas Santander  -  Prof. Dr. Dirk Kreimer  -  Prof. Dr. Holger Reich 

  • Time and place:   Thursday,  10 -12 h,   SR 210,  Arnimallee 3  

Outer space and QFT

This is a bi-weekly seminar on quantum field theories and their relation to topology in particular Outer space and other spaces of graphs. The talks will be given in tandem one mathematician - one physicist. One of the speakers is the "novice" i.e., the one belonging to a different field than the subject of the talk while the other speaker is the "expert". The idea is that the "expert” understands the big picture while the "novice" will help bring the presentation to a language more reachable by their home group.


The talk on 19.11 will be from 2pm - 4pm the room will be announced soon.


22.10. Overview  Daniela Egas Santander
29.10. Quantum field theories in a nutshell Marko Berghoff 
Renormalization and Hopf algebras
Michael Borinsky and
Daniel Lütgehetmann
Feynman rules and Landau equations
Konrad Schultka and
Elmar Vogt


Feynman rules and Landau equations part II
Konrad Schultka and 
Elmar Vogt


Picard-Lefschetz-Pham theory
Marcel Golz and 
Daniela Egas Santander


Cutkosky's theorem
Marcel Golz and 
Daniela Egas Santander


Cutkosky's theorem and Outer space
In room:  SR 140, A7 (rear building)

Dirk Kreimer and
Marko Berghoff