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Forschungsseminar Geometrie und Topologie

Winter Term 2011/12

 Prof. Dr. Holger Reich   -   Prof. Dr. Elmar Vogt   -   Prof. Dr. Günter M. Ziegler

  • Time and place:  Wednesday 15 -17 h,  SR Villa,  Arnimallee 2


Apart from several guest talks in this semester we would like to study the following topic:

Configuration spaces

The configuration space $F_k(M)$ is the space of configurations of $k$ distinguishable particles in the manifold $M$. It is topologized  as a subspace of the $k$-fold product $M^{\times k}$. Dividing out the action of the symmetric group leads to the space $C_k(M)$ of $k$ indistinguishable particles. There are also variants where the particles are charged or have labels in an auxiliary space.

Forgetting some of the points leads to fibrations between these spaces for varying $k$. The fundamental group  $F_k( \IR^2 )$ is the braid group and it turns out that $F_k( \IR^2)$ is in fact a classifying space for the braid group.

Another point of view interprets $F_k(M)$ as the complement of the "thick diagonal" in the product $M^{\times k}$, which is an arrangement of subspaces homeomorphic to $M^{\times (k-1)}$, and whose combinatorics is given by the partition lattice. This leads to computations of cohomology and (stable) homotopy types of configuration spaces.

Combining the spaces $C_k(\IR^n)$ for varying $k$ leads to the space $C(\IR^n)$ of finite subsets of $\IR^n$. Up to a group completion this space is homotopy equivalent to $\Omega^n S^n$. Configuration space models are also used to obtain stable splitting results.




   Program discussion    


1. Basic fibrations  Dimitrios Patronas   


2. The two dimensional case and the braid group Salvador Sierra Murillo   


Nonpositively curved cube complexes Sebastian Meinert   
  Guest talk:    


Configuration spaces of graphs
Tadeusz Januszkiewicz
Tuesday  Guest talk:    

14h c.t.

A Controlled Vietoris-like theorem for simplicial complexes  Spiros Adams--Florou


3. Subspace arrangements I  Pavle Blagojevic   


4. Subspace arrangements II  Pavle Blagojevic   


5. Compactifications I  Holger Reich   


6. Compactifications II  Holger Reich   
  Guest talk:    


On Thompson's group T and applications to algebraic K-theory  Marco Varisco


7. Compactifications III  Moritz Schmitt   


8. Epstein-Glaser renormalization I  Erik Panzer   


9. Epstein-Glaser renormalization II  Marko Berghoff   


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