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Topology 1

Summer Term 2016

Lecturer: Prof. Dr. Holger Reich, exercises joint with Dr. Filipp Levikov

Time and place

  •  Lecture:

    Tuesdays, 10-12, in seminar room E31, Arnimallee 7, and 
    Wednesdays, 10-12, in seminar room 031, Arminallee 6.

  • Exercise Session: Wednesdays, 14-16, in seminar room 032, Arminallee 6.



To receive credits fo the course you need to

  • actively participate in the exercise session 
  • work on and successfully solve the weekly exercises 
  • pass the final exam

If you are an FU student you only need to register for the course via CM (Campus Management), this will automatically register you for the final exam.  If you do not show up for the exam, this will count as failing it. Up to a specific deadline you may de-register from the course via CM without specifying any particular reasons. If you wish to de-register from the exam after the deadline, you should do so by contacting the exams office (Prüfungsbüro). 

If you are not an FU student, you are required to register via KVV. If you have any problems accessing it, please email F. Levikov.


Problem sets will be put online every Wednesday/Thursday and can be found under Assignements in the KVV portal. Solutions (in pairs!) are due by 2 pm on Thursday of the following week  –  please use the corresponding mailbox on the 1st floor in Arnimallee 3-5.

Course Overview

1. Basic notions. Topological spaces, products, coproducts, quotients, compactness. 
2. Group actions on topological spaces. 
3. Gluing constructions.
4. Homotopies between continuous maps, degree of a map, fundamental group.
5. Seifert-van Kampen Theorem. 
6. Covering spaces.


Gerd Laures, Markus Szymik: Grundkurs Topologie, Spektrum Akademischer Verlag (german)

Klaus Jänich: Topologie, Springer-Verlag (german, english)

Allen Hatcher: Algebraic Topology, Chapter I. Also available online from the author's website (english)

James R. Munkres: Topology, Prentice Hall (english)