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19206201 Basismodul: Topologie II

Winter Term 2022/2023

lecture by Prof. Dr. Holger Reich

Time and place

  • Lecture:

    Tuesdays, 12-14h, seminar room 025/026, Arnimallee 6, and 
    Thursdays, 10-12h, seminar room 025/026, Arminallee 6.

  • Exercise Session: Thursday, 08-10h, seminar room 025/026, Arnimallee 6.
  • Oral Exam: Thursday, Feb.23rd, 09:00-16:20h, room tba,  
                 and Friday, Feb.24th, 09:00-16:20h, room tba.
  • Follow-up Exam: Wednesday, April 26th, time & room tba.



To receive credits for the course you need to

  • actively participate in the exercise session 
  • work on and successfully solve the weekly exercises 
  • pass the final exam


Problem sets will be put online weekly and can be found under Assignements in the Whiteboard portal. Further information about the day and mode of submission will be announced during the first week of lectures.

Course Overview

Homology, cohomology and applications, CW-complexes, basic notions of homotopy theory


Allen Hatcher: Algebraic Topology. CUP. 2010. Also available online from the author's website (english)

Tammo tom Dieck: Algebraic Topology. EMS textbooks. 2008. Available at the FU-library.

Wolfgang Lück: Algebraische Topologie, Homologie und Mannigfaltigkeit; Vieweg. 2005. Available at the FU-library