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19235901 Stable Homotopy Theory

Winter term 2017/18

Lecturer: Prof. Dr. Holger Reich, exercises joint with Dr. Filipp Levikov

  • Time and place: Tuesdays 10-12 in SR 140 Arminallee 7,
                                Wednesdays 10-12 in SR 019 Arnimallee 3 (room change!). 

  • Exercise Session: Wednesdays 12-14, in SR 031 Arnimallee 7.

(The E_2 term of the Adams Spectral Sequence for [S,S] taken from here.)

Course Overview

We will introduce and study the stable homotopy category via orthogonal spectra. Classical applications to geometric topology and computations will be outlined. Towards the end of the lecture we will investigate equivariant stable homotopy theory. 

Knowledge of basic concepts from (unstable) homotopy theory will be assumed.

Further information and material will be provided through the KVV portal. Also all anouncements will be made through it, please make sure you register with an up-to-date email address. If you have any problems accessing KVV, please email F. Levikov.


  • Kochman, Stanley O., Bordism, Stable Homotopy and Adams Spectral Sequences, AMS 1996
  • Switzer, Robert M., Homotopy and homology, Springer 1975, Reprint 2002