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19201901 Functional Analysis

  • FU-Students should register via Campus Management.
  • Non-FU-students should register via MyCampus/Whiteboard.

Winter Term 2020/2021

Lecturer: Prof. Dr. Holger Reich

  • Time and place:
      Lecture: Tuesday and Thursday 10:00--12:00h, online
      Exercises: Thursday 14:00--16:00h, online

  • Criteria: weekly exercises, regular participation in the excercise session, exam

  • Oral Exam: Feb.22nd, Feb.23rd and Feb.24th, 2021.

Target group: Students from the 3rd/4th semester on.

Requirements: Analysis I/II and Linear Algebra I/II.


In order to receive the information for the online sessions please register via Campus Management or MyCampus/Whiteboard. All further information and the course materials will be posted in Whiteboard.


Some key words and concepts: normed vector spaces, metric spaces, topological spaces, bounded operators, Hilbert spaces, dual spaces, compact operator, Hilbert-Schmidt operator, trace class operator, polar decomposition, spectral theory of compact operators, spectrum of a bounded operator, functional calculus.


  • Hirzebruch, Friedrich and Scharlau, Winfried: Einführung in die Funktionalanalysis, Spektrum Verlag
  • Rudin, Walter: Functional Analysis, McGraw Hill 1991
  • Werner, Dirk: Funktionalanalysis, Springer-Verlag
    --- als E-Book erhältlich ---