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  • Non-FU-students should register via MyCampus/Whiteboard.

Winter semester 2020/2021

Lecturer: Prof. Dr. Holger Reich,  Assistant: Dr. Gabriel Angelini-Knoll

  • Time and place:
      Lecture: Tuesday and Thursday 10:00--12:00h, online
      Exercises: Thursday 14:00--16:00h, online

  • Leistungsnachweis/criteria for proof of performance: Work on weekly exercises, regular participation in the excercise session, exam

Target group: Students from the 3rd/4th semester on.

Requirements: Good command of the material of the lectures Analysis I/II and Linear Algebra I/II.


Exam will take place on ..tba..


The exercise sheets are put online every ??Friday?? via MyCampus/Whiteboard.


Functional analysis is the branch of mathematics dealing with the study of normalized (or general topological) vector spaces and continuous images between them. Analysis, topology and algebra are linked.
The lecture deals with Banach and Hilbert spaces, linear operators and functional as well as spectral theory of compact operators.