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Introduction to Algebraic K-Theory

Winter term 2011

read by Prof. Dr. E. Vogt     Exercises together with Dr. Mark Ullmann

  • Time and place: Lecture mondays 10-12 Uhr SR 005, Arnimallee 3, fridays 10-12 Uhr SR E.31, Arnimallee 7, exercises fridays 8:30-10:00 in SR 005, Arnimallee 3.


Introduction to Algebraic K-Theory in the KVV.


Exercises and notes to the lecture.

Please bring your solutions to the lecture on Monday and hand them to Elmar Vogt. A new worksheet will be available on mondays. Groups submissions are of groups up to three people are allowed. Everybody in a group is expected to be able to present the solution in class.


Jonathan Rosenberg: Algebraic K-Theory and Its Applications.
Milnor: Introduction to Algebraic K-Theory.