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19229411 Seminar on Stochastics

Summer Term 2023

Lecturer: Dr. Immanuel Zachhuber

  • Time and place: Tuesday, 2pm--4pm, in SR 115, Arnimallee 3.

If you want to participate, please write an email to immanuel.zachhuber@fu-berlin.de

Prerequisites:  In order to take part it is important to have some knowledge on stochastic analysis (e.g. Stochastics III) and functional analysis although some talks will be more introductory and require less in background knowledge.
Target group:  Master students and BMS students.

Contents:  In this seminar we will learn the mathematics of Quantum Mechanics following the book [1] by Strocchi. The aim is to understand the stochastic quantisation of Quantum Mechanics as discussed in Chapter 6 of his book as well as some more general background.


18.04. Organization and overview Immanuel Zachhuber
 25.04. TBA N.N.
02.05. TBA N.N.
09.05. TBA N.N.
16.05. TBA N.N.
23.05. TBA N.N.
30.05. TBA N.N.
06.06. TBA N.N.
13.06. TBA N.N.
20.06. TBA N.N.
27.06. TBA N.N.
04.07. TBA N.N.
11.07. TBA N.N.
18.07. TBA N.N.


  • [1] Strocchi, Franco. An introduction to the mathematical structure of quantum mechanics: a short course for mathematicians. Vol. 28. World Scientific, 2008.