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19218216 Research Seminar Stochastics

Winter Term 2023/2024

Prof. Dr. Nicolas Perkowski

  • Time and place: Fridays, 10--12h, SR 140, Arnimallee 7

Content: Talks by masters and Phd students about ongoing work and selected research topics as well as guest talks.


20.10. -- (MATH+ General Assembly in Adlershof) -- -- No seminar --
27.10. SPDE approximation of weakly interacting particle systems Xiaohao Ji
03.11. Quasilinear singular wave equations Immanuel Zachhuber
10.11. Towards Abstract Wiener Model Spaces Gideon Chiusole
(TU Munich)
17.11. Weak coupling limit of 2d generalized Burgers equations Da Li
24.11. Regularity structure reading group: Metastability of the 2d stochastic Allen-Cahn equation Xiaohao Ji
01.12. A priori bounds for the sub-critical fractional Phi^4_3  equation on the torus Salvador Cesar Esquivel Calzada (Münster)
08.12. On the pitchfork bifurcation in the Phi^4_2 equation Xiaohan Zhu (U Zürich / FU Berlin)
15.12. -- (Critical phenomena @Warwick) -- -- No seminar --
26.01. A paracontrolled approach to the Anderson Hamiltonian / 
Anderson Stochastic Quantization Equation
Antoine Mouzard (ENS Paris)/
Hugo Eulry (ENS Rennes)
02.02. Teaching measures and integration by starting with integrals Willem van Zuijlen
09.02. A stochastic analysis approach to the quantization of fermionic fields Francesco de Vecchi (Pavia)
16.02. Quenched Functional CLT for Random Walks in Random Environments Admitting a Bounded Cycle Representation Weile Weng (TU Berlin)
Optimal Stopping under Partial Information Sigurd Assing (Warwick)
(Thursday!), 10-12h,
Arnimallee7, SR031
Stochastic reconstruction and flows of non-geometric RDEs Hannes Kern (TU Berlin)