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19218216 Research Seminar Stochastics

Summer Term 2023

Prof. Dr. Nicolas Perkowski

  • Time and place: Fridays, 10--12h, SR 115, Arnimallee 3.
    If circumstances permit it in presence

If you want to participate, please write an email to perkowski@math.fu-berlin.de

Content: Talks by masters and Phd students about ongoing work and selected research topics as well as guest talks.


21.04. No seminar (SPSR Meeting Bucharest) --
unusual date:
Wed 26.04., 11:15 in SR025/026 at A6
Weak Coupling scaling for stationary SPDEs at criticality Giuseppe Cannizzaro
05.05. Large Deviations for Paracontrolled Solutions to Stochastic PDEs Adrian Martini
12.05. No seminar (MPI Spring School) --
19.05. -- --
26.05. Discretization of particle systems via Dean-Kawasaki equations Federico Cornalba
(IST Vienna)

Intermittency of the continuous PAM with smooth potential

Huanyu Yang
09.06. Shifted stochastic sewing and its applications Toyomu Matsuda
16.06. Random Walks in Random Scenery Henri Elad Altman
23.06. Small scale formation in passive scalar advection Alex Blumenthal
(Georgia Tech)
30.06. Regularity Structures on Manifolds and Vector bundles Harprit Singh
(Imperial College)
07.07. TBA N.N.
14.07. TBA N.N.
21.07. -- --