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Inverse Problems (Sommersemester 2023)


  • (NEW) The deadline for the sixth exercise sheet (here) will be Tuesday June 13, 10:15.


Lectures Mon 10:15-12:00 A6/025/026 Dr. Vesa Kaarnioja
Exercises Tue 10:15-12:00 A6/007/008 Dr. Vesa Kaarnioja

General Information


Mathematical measurement models describe the causal effects of physical systems based on their material properties, initial conditions or other model parameters. In many practical problems, we have measurement data of the outcomes of these so-called "forward models" and we wish to infer the model parameters which caused the observations. This is an inverse problem.

Inverse problems are intrinsically ill-posed: the reconstruction of the unknown quantity may be highly sensitive to noise in the measurements, or a unique solution may not exist. For these reasons, regularization is an essential tool in order to find solutions to inverse problems. In this course, we will consider both deterministic regularization methods and statistical Bayesian inference. We will discuss the main challenges related to inverse problems as well as the main solution techniques.

Target audience

The course is intended for mathematics students at the Master's level and above.


Multivariable calculus, linear algebra, basic probability theory, and MATLAB (or some other programming language).

Completing the course

The conditions for completing this course are successfully completing and submitting at least 60% of the course's exercises and successfully passing the course exam.


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