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Research Seminar Numerical Analysis of Stochastic and Deterministic Partial Differential Equations

The research seminar is held in room A6/SR009 at FU Berlin on Mondays at 10:15 during Wintersemester 2022/23. The seminar brings together experts on numerical analysis, applied mathematics, statistics and stochastics with particular focus on applications to stochastic and deterministic partial differential equations.

The seminar is currently held in hybrid format: on-site talks will be broadcast via Webex while some talks will be held online only.

Webex ID: 2731 998 6481
Password: please contact vesa.kaarnioja@fu-berlin.de for the meeting password

Wintersemester 2022/2023

  • 17.10. Ilja Klebanov (FU Berlin), QMC and sparse grids beyond uniform distributions on cubes: transport maps to mixture distributions, room A6/SR009, 10:15 am
    17.10. Mattes Mollenhauer (FU Berlin), Nonparametric approximation of conditional expectation operators, room A6/SR009, 11:00 am
  • 21.10. Harri Hakula (Aalto University), Eigenlocking – Parameter-dependent loss of convergence rate, room A6/SR126, 10:15 am
  • 31.10. Nils Hinrichs (Charité – Universitätsmedizin Berlin), Short-term vital parameter forecasting in the intensive care unit, room A6/SR009, 10:15 am
    31.10. Lassi Roininen (LUT University), Cauchy Markov random field priors for Bayesian inversion, room A6/SR009, 11:00 am
  • 7.11. Abi Srikumar (UNSW Sydney), Approximating distribution functions in uncertainty quantification using quasi-Monte Carlo methods, Webex, 10:15 am
  • 14.11. Han Lie (University of Potsdam), Frechet derivatives of path functionals of stochastic differential equations, room A6/SR009, 10:15 am
  • 23.11. Aswin Kannan (HU Berlin), Multiobjective Learning in Solar Energy Prediction: Benefits and Algorithms, room A6/SR108, 2:15 pm
  • 28.11. Remo Kretschmann (University of Würzburg), Optimal and Bayesian hypothesis testing in statistical inverse problems, room A6/SR009, 10:15 am
  • 5.12. Peter Friz (Weierstrass Institute/TU Berlin), Why rough stuff matters for UQ, room A6/SR009, 10:15 am
  • 11.1. Helmut Harbrecht (University of Basel), Shape optimization for time-dependent domains, room A6/SR108, 10:15 am
    11.1. Stephan Schmidt (HU Berlin), Higher order methods for geometric inverse problems, room A6/SR108, 11:00 am
  • 23.1. Andreas Neuenkirch (University of Mannheim), Strong approximation of the CIR process: A never ending story?, room A6/SR009, 10:15 am
  • 6.2. Student talks, room A6/SR009, 10:15 am

Sommersemester 2022

  • 29.4. Eneas Hensel (University of Mannheim), Variational inference for Bayesian neural networks, room A6/SR108, 10:15 am
  • 6.5. Philipp Wacker (FU Berlin), MAP estimators in l^p, room A6/SR108, 10:15 am
  • 13.5. Toni Karvonen (University of Helsinki), Gaussian processes for uncertainty quantification and error estimation, room A6/SR108, 10:15 am
  • 20.5. Claudia Totzeck (University of Wuppertal), Webex, 10:15 am
  • 27.5. Doris Schneider (FAU), Data-based modeling of the cellular response to oxidative stress -- A Bayesian approach for model selection and parameter identification in (bio)chemical networks, Webex, 10:15 am
  • 3.6. Vesa Kaarnioja (FU Berlin), QMC and kernel interpolation, room A6/SR108, 10:15 am
  • 10.6. Vicky Holfeld (ITWM), Webex, 10:15 am
  • 1.7. Simon Weissmann (University of Heidelberg), Webex, 10:15 am
  • 8.7. Aizhan Issagali (FU Berlin), On tensor-based training of neural networks, room A6/SR108, 10:15 am
    8.7. Upanshu Sharma (FU Berlin), room A6/SR108, 11:00 am
  • 15.7. Andreas Rupp (LUT University), Introduction to DG methods, room A6/SR108, 10:15 am


Prof. Dr. Claudia Schillings c.schillings@fu-berlin.de

Arnimallee 6, room 213
Consulting hours: By appointment

Dr. Vesa Kaarnioja vesa.kaarnioja@fu-berlin.de Arnimallee 6, room 212
Consulting hours: By appointment