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"What is ... a supercritical percolation cluster?" -- Nguyen Tuan Anh

08.05.2015 | 13:15

"What is ... a supercritical percolation cluster?"  -- Nguyen Tuan Anh

1:15 pm (sharp), Friday, May 8, 2015
@BMS Seminar room MA 212, TU Berlin
With a lot of pictures my talk will explain you what a supercritical
percolation cluster is and give you an example of two random walks among
random conductances on this cluster: i) the constant speed and ii) the
variable speed random walk, which are typical examples of discrete and
continuous time Markov chains. (They may not be exactly the objects in Nina
Gantert's talk, but they will give you some feeling about this field.)

Very easy examples will show  one of the main difficulties when studying
the macroscopic properties of the random walks. That is, the trap problem,
which can be roughly understood as follows. While the constant speed random
walk stays a very long time in very high conductances, the variable speed
one cannot easily get out of very low conductances. To get rid of this
difficulty, one needs some assumptions on the law of the random
conductances, which is introduced at the end of the talk.

Finally, the talk requires no background in probability theory.

These talks are organized by students for students.

Our goal is to give you the opportunity to enhance your general mathematical
knowledge in a casual atmosphere and meet other PhD and graduate students
across the boundaries of your individual work groups.

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08.05.2015 | 13:15

@TU MA 212