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Referierte Publikationen / Reviewed Publications

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Nicht Referierte Publikationen / Non Reviewed Publications

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Referierte Publikationen / Reviewed Publications

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Nicht Referierte Publikationen / Non Reviewed Publications

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Referierte Publikationen / Reviewed Publications

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Nicht Referierte Publikationen / Non Reviewed Publications

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Referierte Publikationen / Reviewed Publications

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Referierte Publikationen / Reviewed Publications

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Nicht Referierte Publikationen / Non Reviewed Publications

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Referierte Publikationen / Reviewed Publications

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Nicht Referierte Publikationen / Non Reviewed Publications

C. Amendola, J. Rodriguez (2016): Solving Parameterized Polynomial Systems with Decomposable Projections. Presented at MEGA 2017. https://arxiv.org/abs/1612.08807.

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