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Informatics for Health

News vom 01.03.2019

Emerging research area "Informatics for Health"

We are currently starting work in a thematic area for which the greater-Berlin research institutions provide strong research excellence and a plethora of possibilities for collaboration: Informatics for Health.

We are considering the following topics, clustered into four blocks:

• Data-to-information

o Real-time sensing and monitoring
o Collaborative information curation
o Machine learning for diagnosis and prediction
o Bioinformatics data analysis

• Information-to-knowledge

o Heterogeneous information extraction and interoperability
o Search
o Big-data mining
o Decision support
o Responsible AI

• Information sovereignty

o Public information and education
o Usable privacy
o Effective anonymization

• Systemic aspects

o Acceptability
o IT security
o Dependability

Many of these large areas call for an interdisciplinary approach in collaboration with medical or health practitioners and researchers, with mathematicians, or with social scientists.

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