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Lightweight Sensing Device


In close collaboration with the Oxford University and Microsoft Research, we have developed an advanced system that can autonomously monitor animals and their habitats. Using a combination of Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) based on the ScatterWeb platform and innovative software we are able to intelligently gather data from remote locations, relaying it back for local storage and processing and allow remote reconfiguration of the network by research scientists (project homepage).

Now, we are prototyping a new lightweight sensing device that will enable collecting of new kinds of data.


ScatterWeb is a Wireless Sensor Network platform developed by the Computer Systems & Telematics group at the Freie Universität Berlin. The most recent hardware is the MSB430H module equipped with the MSP430F1612 microcontroller and CC1100 transceiver.


This topic can be assigned as a Bachelor or Master thesis. Assignment as a "Studienarbeit" or a Diploma thesis is possible as well. Please note that the objectives listed below will vary depending on the selected type of assignment.

You will be able to focus on different components of the system depending on your field of interest. You can even influence the hardware design of the system and test it in real world conditions.

  • Get familiar with the ScatterWeb platform and the MSB430H board
  • Get familiar with our WSN deployments
  • Get familiar with our prototypes and used sensors
  • Evaluate the hardware design and improve the firmware
    1. Adapt the ScatterWeb firmware or the Contiki operating system
    2. Implement interfaces for the installed sensors
    3. Evaluate the power consumption of installed sensors and the power consumption of the entire system
    4. Design, evaluate, and develop data storage and transmission strategies
    5. Design, evaluate, and develop configuration strategies

Further Information

Required hardware, software and support will be provided.

Thesis results will be integrated into:


Please contact Tomasz Naumowicz if you are interested in this topic.

Status: Available (12.07.2010)