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mPOLIKS - The Mobile Information System of the Berlin Police

01.01.2006 — 30.09.2009


 The Freie Universität Berlin and the Berlin Police Department are cooperation partners since 2006. Within this cooperation we are evaluating secure approaches for mobile data access to police records. Further information.



The Freie Universität Berlin and the Berlin Police Department are cooperation partners since 2006. Within this cooperation we are evaluating secure approaches for mobile data access to police records.

The objective of the project mPOLIKS lies in the design and implementation of a mobile solution to access the internal police information system. mPOLIKS is based on standard protocols and hardware, which reduce costs and complexity. The system runs on Windows Mobile devices.



Die Freie Universität Berlin und die Berliner Polizei sind bereits seit 2006 Kooperationspartner. Innerhalb dieser Kooperation evaluieren wir sichere Verfahren für den mobilen Zugriff auf polizeiliche Fahndungs- und Meldedaten.

Das Ziel des Projektes mPOLIKS liegt im Design und der Erstellung einer mobilen Lösung für den Zugriff auf das polizeiliche Auskunftssystem. Dabei werden standardisierte Protokolle und Hardware verwendet, um Kosten und Komplexität zu minimieren. Zum Einsatz kommen auf Windows Mobile basierende Endgeräte.



The Berlin police department uses the Poliks system, which stands for police information, communication and processing service. Poliks was created to facilitate suspect identification and centralize police data. mPOLIKS has to fulfill the requirements on security and reliability, which is more challenging in mobile scenarios. A shared medium as well as mobile, theft-prone devices complicate a trustworthy access. Furthermore, mPOLIKS should introduce additional benefits based on the paradigm of mobile technologies.

mPOLIKS should establish a secure communication channel between the mobile device and the network of the Berlin police department. In case of device loss, it should protect sensitive information. A simple, lightweight embedding in the existing infrastructure is needed without introducing additional, significant costs. Complex real-world use cases require a simple and robust user interface.


Security Concepts

In addition to access control for users/devices, and a logging scheme, the following security concepts have been implemented:

Data Transmission

  • Message-based encryption
  • Signature to verify integrity and authenticity
  • Time-stamp against replay attacks

Protection Mechanisms in Case of Device Loss

  • Extended PIN query
  • Kiosk mode

mPOLIKS Architecture

Figure 1: Components of mPOLIKS


Common User Interface

  • Implementation of semantic input fields
  • Input field position reflects query priority
  • Integration of additional systems is straightforward

Input Support

  • Catalog-based fields
  • Autocomplete  for particular input fields
  • On-the-fly validation
  • Verification of input combinations

Advantages for Police Officers

  • Increased self-protection
  • Enhanced availability of information
  • Manhunt overview and tactical hints
  • Decreasing error rate during information flow
  • High acceptance due to easy user interface

Advantages for Citizens

  • Time consuming identity check at police post can be omitted
  • Increased safety


  • Cheap commodity hardware
  • No special hardware required

New Scenarios

  • Mobile investigation

Press Center


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Contact: Nico Wanner