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I3: Information-Centric Networks for the Industrial Internet


Computer Systems and Telematics


German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF)

01.07.2016 — 30.06.2019
I3: Information Centric Networking for the Industrial Internet

I3: Information Centric Networking for the Industrial Internet

The I3 project will bring information-centric networks to the industrial Internet.

Topic and Goals of the Project

Sensors and actors often demand communication requirements in industrial application, both critical for the business and safety. Heterogeneous components – both stationary and mobile – shall be integrated in supra-regional control and monitoring systems and exchange data in a timely and fault tolerant manner. Today’s proprietary and occasionally rudimentary product solutions preclude those requirements. MSA – the leading manufacturer of safety technology and gas detectors worldwide with development site in Berlin, Germany – for example is facing these problems in their product line for sensor controlled fuses and monitoring of industrial systems, oil rigs, fire-brigade operations etc.

The I3 project pursues, motivated by these specific application problems, the goal of the development and testing of mobile local networks critical to safety in industrial applications. Based on the potentials of content-based routing, the I3 solution will modify and extend Content or Information Centric Networking (CCN/ICN) for the needs of the industrial Internet. Especially contributions for security and reliability, for autonomous self-configuration and authentication, for content-base prioritized data differentiation, resource efficiency (e.g. energy, memory) and an abstracted, universal software interface will be adapted. This way I3 wants to increase production efficiency of networking industrial systems as well as simplify the operation of networking components with intelligent solutions on the network layer.