Environmental Monitoring: AvianGPS. Firmware.


The firmware for the AvianGPS platform was developed at the Freie Universität Berlin. It supports accessing, processing, storing and transmitting sensor data. The emphasis was put on a design of a simple API for user applications and on reduction of the power consumption. For example the idle time is spent in the LPM3 mode when the AvianGPS V4 device uses only 24,9uA.

The firmware exposes a simple and reusable API what simplifies the application development. The release contains a set of example applications designed for learning purposes.


The source code of applications used in our 2011 deployments on Skomer Island and their detailed description will be released as soon as the hardware platform becomes available (schedule by Microsoft Reserach).


Selected features of the released API


The System API provides support for

The Drivers API provides support for


Also, an engine for implementing of Finite State Machine applications is provided.


Download of the AvianGPS firmware



The most recent documentation can be generated directly from the source code of the firmware.

Snapshot of the documentation of the AvianGPS firmware

Source Code

The source code of the firmware is available in our public github repository



The software is released under the Modified BSD license.



Contact: Tomasz Naumowicz