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 DISCOURSE (DIStributed & COllaborative University Research & Study Environment) is a distributed laboratory for distributed computing featuring advanced middleware technology. The lab stretches across the four Berlin universities and is jointly installed, used and managed by seven research groups at six geographical locations. It is intended to serve as a testbed for research and as a reference platform for teaching. The research groups will include, e.g., Microsoft .NET technology in their activities and address different aspects of distributed computing with a joint focus on interoperability, dependability, and quality of service.

Further information: www.discourse.de

Partners in this project:

TU Berlin, Kommunikations- und Betriebssysteme

TU Berlin, Intelligente Netze und Verteilte Systeme

TU Berlin, Telecommunication Networks Group

HU Berlin, Computer Architecture and Communication

Universität Potsdam, HPI, Operating Systems and Middleware

Microsoft Research Cambridge