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New RIOT release available

The friendly OS for the IoT got a lot of new features, including a new network stack, better timer subsystem to support more precise timer operations, and better hardware abstraction.

News vom 06.10.2015

About 580 pull requests with about 2,500 commits have been merged since the last release and 120 additional issues have been solved. 62 people contributed code in 277 days. 2578 files have been touched with ~320,000 insertions and ~134,000 deletions.

The new generic ("gnrc") network stack is a highly modular and configurable IPv6/6LoWPAN network stack. It implements a large number of IETF RFCs, such as RFC 2473, RFC 4861, RFC 4944, RFC 6550, or RFC 6775. Furthermore, it provides a unified API between the different layers and a generic network device interface. The provided 6LoWPAN border router (6LBR) can be run on any hardware, providing an IPv6 capable network interface or a UART for using SLIP (RFC 1055).

RIOT is an open source project. Is has been founded by the CST group at FU Berlin, HAW Hamburg, and INRIA.

The new release is available via GitHub.

Thanks to all the Bachelor's, Master's, and PhD students, as well as the external contributors!