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New DAAD Visiting Professor

Emmanuel Baccelli from INRIA joins our research group.

News vom 04.10.2013

Since 2007 Emmanuel Baccelli is a scientific researcher at the national French computer science institute INRIA. His work enables spontaneous wireless Internet-based communication in daily use. His results are not only considered by the international research community, but also transferred into the standardization process. Emmanuel Baccelli is one of the main drivers behind the open source operating system RIOT. RIOT simplifies efficient application programming for the Internet of Things. In recent work, Emmauel Baccelli is also focusing on future Internet technologies such as content-based data distribution.

Emmanuel Baccelli graduated with a PhD of the renowned École Polytechnique in 2006. His PhD thesis was about routing and mobility in large heterogeneous packet networks and was distinguished with the PhD Award of the university. In 2012, he defended his habilitation at the internationally prestigious Université Pierre et Marie Curie. His work analyzes the compatibility of common Internet techniques with the inherent limitations of wireless communication.

In the winter term Emmanuel will teach Telematics and supervise seminar work and Bachelor/Master theses.