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Co-organization of IEEE ICNP PhD Forum

Please, consider the Call for Papers.

News vom 31.05.2013

The PhD Forum has been a regular event of the IEEE ICNP conference for the past years. IEEE ICNP is the premier conference covering all aspects of network protocol research, including design, analysis, specification, verification, implementation, and performance.


The PhD Forum is intended for both doctoral students who are starting their PhD and those who are towards the end of their dissertation to discuss their work. In contrast to previous years, the PhD Forum of ICNP 2013 is designed as a full day event including keynote talks, short oral presentations by PhD students, and group discussions. Based on the quality of presentations, a selected number of students will be invited to give a pitch talk at the main conference. This forum will provide an opportunity to get advice, to train presentation skills, and to network.


The topics of interest coincide with ICNP 2013. They include, but are not limited to:
  • All aspects of network protocol research including design, specification, verification, implementation, measurement, testing, and analysis. 
  • Domain-specific solutions including protocols for network security, routing, user privacy, and network management. 
  • Application-layer protocols for peer-to-peer systems, social networks, and emerging systems.
  • Contributions to ICN architectures, specific algorithms and protocols, as well as results from implementations and experimentations. 


  • Special opportunity to discuss research plans and results face-to-face with professors and senior researchers in individual groups outside of the own lab.
  • Keynote talks by Eric Osterweil (Verisign Labs) and Emmanuel Baccelli (INRIA). 
  • Publication of accepted papers in the IEEE ICNP proceedings and in IEEE eXplore. 
  • Selected presentations will be invited to give a pitch talk at the main conference.
  • PhD best paper award.



Matthias Wählisch