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Beta version of RTRlib released

First public, open-source reference C implementation of the RPKI/RTR client available.

News vom 31.08.2011

We are happy to announce the first public, open-source reference C implementation of the RPKI/RTR client. The RPKI/Router protocol is an integral part of a currently standardized framework to secure BGP (i.e., the Internet backbone routing). The RTRlib fetches and stores validated prefix origin data from a RTR cache and performs origin verification of prefixes.

The beta version and documentation is available at:


The RTRlib is useful for developers of routing software but also for network operators. Developers can integrate the RTRlib into the BGP daemon to extend their implementation towards RPKI. Network operators may use the RTRlib to develop monitoring tools (e.g., to check the proper operation of caches or to evaluate their performance). We continuously present and discuss the current state of the RTRlib in the IETF Secure Inter-Domain Routing (SIDR) Working Group.

This is a joint work of the Computer Systems & Telematics group at FU Berlin and the Internet Technologies group at HAW Hamburg.