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Dagstuhl Seminar "The Critical Internet Infrastructure"

04.08.2013 - 09.08.2013
We co-organize the Dagstuhl Seminar "The Critical Internet Infrastructure". For more information about the seminar, please, contact Matthias Wählisch.

The Internet was designed to offer open data transfer services on a planetary scale. However, its success has turned it into a mission-critical infrastructure of vital importance for most countries, businesses, and industries. The aim of this seminar is to bring together the research and network operator communities to discuss and analyze the Internet as a critical infrastructure. We will address the vulnerability of the Internet from a number of different angles (e.g., physical infrastructure, control plane, data plane, services, etc.), with an emphasis on the core transport infrastructure as well as the content delivery side. The seminar will contribute to a better understanding of the Internet as a system of interdependent elements and pursue extensions of current research perspectives to consider novel (and maybe unusual) approaches to the study of the local or region-specific substrates as parts of the Internet's global ecosystem.

Zeit & Ort

04.08.2013 - 09.08.2013

Schloss Dagstuhl, Germany