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Dagstuhl Seminar ICN 3

13.07.2014 - 16.07.2014

Matthias Wählisch was invited to attend the Dagstuhl Seminar Information-Centric Networking 3.

Information-­centric networking (ICN) is a communication paradigm where the basis for communication is named data. Instead of using endpoints to define communication (one device talking to another), ICN relies on asking for pieces of information by name independently of location.This seminar will focus on two key aspects to ICN success, scalability and deployment.

We are working on ICN in different fields, for example

  • Matthias Wählisch, Thomas C. Schmidt, Markus Vahlenkamp,
    Backscatter from the Data Plane -- Threats to Stability and Security in Information-Centric Network Infrastructure

    Computer Networks,
    Elsevier, 2013. (in press)
  • Thomas C. Schmidt, Matthias Wählisch, Dominik Charousset, Sebastian Meiling,
    On Name-based Group Communication: Challenges, Concepts, and Transparent Deployment,
    Computer Communications, Elsevier, 2013. (in press)

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Zeit & Ort

13.07.2014 - 16.07.2014

Dagstuhl, Germany