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Josephine Mertens:

Generating Data to Train a Deep Neural Network End-To-End within a Simulated Environment


Autonomous driving cars have not been a rarity for a long time. Major manufacturers such as Audi, BMW and Google have been researching successfully in this field for years. But universities such as Princeton or the FU-Berlin are also among the leaders. The main focus is on deep learning algorithms. However, these have the disadvantage that if a situation becomes more complex, enormous amounts of data are needed. In addition, the testing of safety-relevant functions is increasingly difficult. Both problems can be transferred to the virtual world. On the one hand, an infinite amount of data can be generated there and on the other hand, for example, we are independent of weather situations. This paper presents a data  generator for autonomous driving that generates ideal and undesired driving behavior in a 3D-environment without the need of manually generated training data. A test environment based on a round track was built using the Unreal Engine And AirSim. Then, a mathematical model for the calculation of a weighted random angle to drive alternative routes is presented. Finally, the approach was tested with the CNN of NVidia, by training a model and connect it with AirSim.

Master of Science (M.Sc.)