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David Damm:

Three dimensional occlusion mapping using a LiDAR sensor


Decision-making is an important task in autonomous driving. Especially in dynamic environments, it is hard to be aware of every unpredictable event that would affect the decision. To face this issue, an autonomous car is equipped with different types of sensors. The LiDAR laser sensors, for example, can create a three dimensional 360 degree representation of the environment with precise depth information. But like humans, the laser sensors have their limitations. The field of view could be partly blocked by a truck and with that, the area behind the truck would be completely out of view. These occluded areas in the environment increase the uncertainty of the decision and ignoring this uncertainty would increase the risk of an accident. This thesis presents an approach to estimate such areas from the data of a LiDAR sensor. Therefore, different methods will be discussed and finally the preferred method evaluated.

Master of Science (M.Sc.)