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Christian Kühling:

Fisheye Camera System Calibration for Automotive Applications


In this thesis, the imagery of the fisheye camera system mounted to the autonmous car MadeInGermany of the Freie Universität Berlin is processed and calibrated. Hereby, distortions caused by fisheye lenses are automatically corrected and a surround view of the vehicle is created.

Over the next decade, autonomous cars are expected to dadically change mobility as we know it. While intelligent software systems made astonishing improvements over the past years, the eventual quality of autonomous cars depends on their sensors capturing the environment.

One of the most important sensors are cameras for visual input. Hence, it does not surprise that current autonomous prototypes often have multiple cameras, for example to prevent  having blind spots. For this specific reason, fisheye lenses with a large field of views are often used.

To utilize recordings of these camera systems by computer vision algorithms, a camera calibration is required. It consists of the intrinsic calibration, rectifying possible distortions and extrinsic calibration, detrmining position and pose of the camera.

Master of Science (M.Sc.)