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David Gödicke:

RRT based Path Planning in Static and Dynamic Environment for Model Cars


The research on autonomous robots is a very active field. Since the first DARPA challenge 2004 both industries and academic institutions opened research groups on autonomous vehicles. Particularly autonomous cars as a comfort have gained in iterest with well known projekts like the Google car Waymo or the commercialization of semi-autonomous cars. It is believed that AI controlled vehicle could be safer than human driving. And the traffic flow could  be optimized through better communication between cars.

The FU Berlin developed three cars with the AutoNOMOS research group. The latest car MadeInGermany ist allowed to drive in Berlin. The car also drove in Mexico. The University also participated in the Carolo-Cup where 1:10 scaled model cars compete against each other. The goal of this work is to improve the autonomous skills fo the model car in regards to path planning and collision avoidance.

Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.)