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News vom 20.04.2021

We will be offering the highly popular “WoMenventures” seminar, by FU Berlin and Digital Entrepreneurship Hub, this summer again! It would be wonderful if you can share the flyer and attached information with your students. The course is open anyone who is interested!


  • The “WoMenventures” seminar highlights a woman’s perspective on venture creation processes. The aim is to promote an entrepreneurial mindset and to learn about the contribution of women’s (digital) entrepreneurship within the Berlin start-up ecosystem. All participants work in interdisciplinary teams on their own ideas in order to reflect on the opportunities and challenges of implementing innovative values in a practical way. Experienced female entrepreneurs actively support the teams and provide input on various topics, such as value creation, pitching, a lean start-up model, marketing and financing of their own companies. The seminar is designed in a flexible, inverted-classroom format and divided into three phases:
    • Phase I: Kickoff on May 19, 2021
    • Phase II: We developed an Online Course on the Business Model Canvas, where students can participate and go through in their own time, from June 1-August 1
    • Phase III: Summer School August 2-6 2021
  • For registration and more info please follow here: https://womenventures.digital/


If you have further questions, I am looking forward to hear from you.



Franziska Schmitt 

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