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News vom 09.05.2023



I hope you are enjoying the spring, and the semester has started full of energy! Once again, I would like to take the opportunity of the semester start to share with you some projects and activities in which you might be interested in joining and supporting. If there is any activity you are involved in, and you would like us to promote it, do not hesitate to contact me.




> OPEN MIC GeschlechterForschUng: 10 x 7,5=75 Jahre FU!

Gender research is a central part of the history and future of Freie Universität Berlin. It is as colourful and diverse as FU itself. In the context of the FU´s 75th anniversary, the MvBZ would like to present and document the characteristics of gender studies at FU in an innovative format. Ten projects from different departments and disciplinary orientations will show, each in 7.5 minutes, how free and diverse gender research is at FU.


When? 20th of June, 12am to 1:30 pm. More Info will follow soon here. If you would like to participate, don´t hesitate to contact us!





Our GLT series goes to their ninth round. You can find the Program for this semester here.


>VISITING SCHOLARS WORKSHOP Summer 2023 (07.06, Hybrid)

In this workshop current Visiting Scholars at MvBZ will present their research projects with the public. More info here.


> #4GenderStudies Solidarity Talk | Woman, Life, Freedom: The Dynamic of Dance in Iran's Feminist Revolution (08.06, Hybrid)

Dr. Elaheh Hatami will discuss the current potential and dynamic of moving/ dancing body as a medium of protest in challenging politics and making progress of the emancipation movement of women in Iran. More Info here.


More information about other events this SoSe 2023 can be found at the MvBZ-Calendar and the afg-Calendar (Berlin)


Don´t forget to follow our Social Media Channels    and Websiteto keep you informed about our activities and networking opportunities.



>Geschlechterforschung an der FU Berlin - ein Portrait

In winter term 2022/23, the MvBZ launched a format designed to make the diversity within gender studies at Freie Universität more visible to a broader audience. Each month, different research areas that address gender research topics from different disciplinary perspectives are presented here

>#4GenderStudies 2022: Gender Research at a glance

In the context of the #4GenderStudies Science Day, PhD and Postdoc researchers at Freie Universität Berlin showed how diverse the questions and approaches in this broad topic area are in the context of their current research projects. Watch the short videos here.





The editorial team of OPEN GENDER JOURNAL welcomes submissions of new research articles, discussion pieces, and reviews. Through its thematic and disciplinary openness, the open access journal reflects the breadth and diversity of the scholarly field of intersectional gender studies. This encompasses various methodological and theoretical orientations, including but not limited to gender studies, queer studies, diversity studies, feminist studies, women's studies, disability studies, racism studies, classism studies, critical whiteness, post- and decolonial studies.


More info: https://opengenderjournal.de/CFP


You are also very welcome to be part of our Reviewer Database.

This is a freely accessible database that can be used to find reviewers for scientific articles.



Driven by a worried perspective at the continuously intoxicated climate and more radicalised discussions about Gender Studies, we are cooperating with the In-Visible Agency in a new project: IN-VISIBLE ACADEMIA. The intention with this project is to grant visibility to research within the Gender Studies and to highlight implications for the practical world. We hope to contribute to making research more relatable and to help people outside of the academic world to gain access into state of the art research.


If you are a Gender Studies researcher and agree to be featured on IN-VISIBLE’s Social Media with your line of work; you can partake and help us to showcase the added value of Gender Studies. By focusing on the practical implications of the researchers’ findings, our features are an attempt at linking academia to practice. 


Contributing is not much work, we have made it easy for you. We kindly ask you to tell us about yourself and your project in a couple of sentences. This should not take longer than 15-25 minutes of your time. If there are any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact the team: hi@in-visible.berlin




Many greetings,

The MvBZ-Team


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