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Study in India

IIIT -  Bangalore

IIIT - Bangalore

The Institute of Computer Science undertakes an exchange program with the International Institute of Information Technology Bangalore. Each year two Computer Science students may go to Bangalore for one semester with this program. Precondition is an almost completed B.Sc. degree with good grades.

The academic year in Bangalore begins in August and the first semester ends in December. Therefore the deadline for applications is by the end of April.


  • no tuition fees
  • allocation of necessary education material
  • accommodation in halls of residence
  • living costs per month approx. 300 Euro in case of successful PROMOS application
  • lump sum payment for travel expenses

Please send you application with CV, an overview of all your study achievements and a brief presentation of your qualifications and interests to Prof. Katinka Wolter, Takustr.9, 14195 Berlin, naming "Application Bangalore" as the subject matter.

Application deadline: 24th of April 2015


In 2012/2013 Tobias Balzer and Alexander Rau were the first exchange students in Bangalore. Their reports may be found on our German page.